NORCO’s manufacturing facilities locate in Shenzhen and Shanghai, China. We have entirely automated production including latest technology SMT automated production lines, industrial computer chassis’s CAD, cutting materials, machining, spray-painting, assembly and testing.

Norco successfully assisted many famous firms in their customized product development. Our professional product engineers/managers are ready at any time to offer customers solution recommendation from both technical and sales perspective. Flexibility is the hallmark of NORCO’s OEM/ODM service. Our pliable OEM/ODM team, including motherboard engineers, CAD engineers, BIOS engineers, and PCB layout designers, is able to provide you any kinds of customized service from simply adding a company logo to more demanding software and hardware designing and modification

NORCO successes in building long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and we understand customer satisfaction is our driving force. Our customer relationship management formula involves understanding customer needs, expectations, and the problems they face.