Q:What is the difference between the RL-20 and the RL-26? Do the RL-20 and the RL-26 work with every server chassis?
A:The difference between the RL-20 and the RL-26 is the length of the sliding rail. At the minimum length, the RL-20 is 22 inches long while the RL-26 is 26.25 inches long. However, both the RL-20 and RL-26 can extend 11 more inches.

Q:How do I choose which sliding rail to buy?
A: When choosing which sliding rail to buy, keep in mind that
1. The vertical rack rails, front to rear, must be longer than the length of the sliding rail.
2. Most vertical rack rails are adjustable but they may not be the depth of the whole rack cabinet. Sometimes, vertical rack rails will be shorter than the rack cabinet to allow room in the front of server case chassis handles and room in the back for cables.
3. The length of the server case chassis may be longer than the length of the sliding rail.
4. The RL-20 and RL-26 will align with every Norco Technologies server Chassis.
5. The RL-20 and RL-26 may align with some of other brand’s server chassis but some server chassis will not align with the RL-20 and RL-26.

Q:What is the C-SFF8087-4S designed for?
A:The C-SFF8087-4S Discrete SATA to SFF-8087 Mini SAS Reverse Breakout Cable is designed for motherboards or controller cards/RAID cards/HBA cards with SATA connectors and a chassis with SFF-8087 backplane. This cable will not work with controller cards/RAID cards/ HBA cards that have SFF-8087 connectors. If your controller card/RAID card/HBA card only has SFF-8087 connectors then this cable is not right for your needs.

Q:Where can I get the instructions to assemble the Norco C-24U?
A:The assembly instructions for the Norco C-24U can be found in the downloads section of this website. Here is the link for the instructions: Assembly Instructions for C-24U

Q:I bought a Norco rack cabinet. Is there anything else that I need?
A: If you need sliding rails to mount any server case chassis, you may need to buy sliding rails. When choosing to buy sliding rails remember to keep in mind that the sliding rails must be shorter than the vertical rack rails. Sliding rails and shelves along with KVMs, keyboards, and cable management products can be found in the cabinet accessories part of our website.

Q:Is there a correct way to install the power supply’s 4 pin molex connector into the backplane or is it reversible?
A: There are 45 degrees installation guides on the power supply connector and the backplane connector. Carefully align the two installation guides so that the 45 degrees installation guides match each other. BE CAREFUL!!!!! The system will be damaged if installed incorrectly.