About Us



We are a leading manufacturer of server rackmounts, storage systems, industrial PC parts and solutions. The company also manufactures enclosures, primarily for industrial computers.



NORCO’s objective is to maintain our position as one of the leading manufacturers of server rackmounts, storage systems and other industrial computer accessories. A number of strategies have been developed to attain this objective:

Develop strategic relationship with industry leaders – By working closely with top-tier chipset and bios companies, NORCO is able to predict market trends accurately and introduce new products ahead of our competitors.

Achieve further vertical integration – Further integration of the production process allows NORCO to exercise better control over the quality of our products.

Maintain technologically advanced and flexible production capabilities – This increases NORCO ‘s competitiveness relative to our peers and allows us to stay one step ahead of the opposition.

New products – NORCO leverages from our manufacturing expertise, and continues to move tirelessly into new areas of related business.

Research & Development


Research and development (R&D) are the lifeblood of any high-tech company. In a market as competitive as that of the PC industry, NORCO depends on our R&D efforts to bring products to the market before our competitors. Approximately 8% of NORCO’s revenues are committed to R&D expenditure.

NORCO works closely with our clients to implement the latest technologies. Research is a two way process – not only does NORCO provide what the client wants, but through extensive dialogue and consultation, we exceed their requirements.

Quality & Speed


At NORCO, quality is more an action than a slogan. Quality control is implemented in all aspects of operations to meet the high standards of top tier customers. This philosophy permeates all levels of the production process. NORCO conforms to the most rigorous standards of quality and safety.

Global Network


NORCO’s ability to quickly deliver “Built-to-Order” products, as well as our superb time-to-market and global inventory control abilities are NORCO’s other significant competitive advantages.

NORCO’s principal manufacturing operations are based in China. NORCO has production facilities located in two areas – Shenzhen and Shanghai

In North America, NORCO has branches located in Los Angeles and Toronto. NORCO will continue to build its global distribution and production operations.